Board Policies

  1. Buildings and Grounds Policies and Procedures (PDF)
  2. Change Order Policy (PDF)
  3. Dishonored Check Policy (PDF)
  4. Financial Policies (PDF)
  5. Grant Applications Policy (PDF)
  6. Honesty in the Workplace Policy (PDF)
  7. Non-Discrimination Notice (PDF)
  8. Non-Discrimination Policy (PDF)
  9. Purchasing Cards Policy (PDF)
  10. Tax Abatement, Compromise, and Suspension Policies and Procedures (PDF)
  11. Tax Sale Acquired Properties Policies and Procedures (PDF)
  12. Title VI Complaint Form (PDF)
  13. Tobacco Policy (PDF)
  14. Volunteers and Interns Policy (PDF)
  15. Weapons Gifted to Retiring Deputy Sheriffs Policy (PDF)
  16. Autopsy Transportation Fees Policy (PDF)
  17. Bidding Requirements and Procedures (PDF)
  18. Black Hawk County Drug and Alcohol Policy (PDF)
  19. Block Grant Funds Procurement Policy (PDF)
  20. Board Appointments to Statutory Bodies (PDF)
  21. Board Meeting Recording Policy (PDF)
  22. Burial Policy for Community Services (PDF)
  23. Capital Asset Purchase and Budgeting (PDF)
  24. Computer Hardware and Software Acquisition (PDF)
  25. Computer, Internet, and Email Usage Policy (PDF)
  26. Conflicts of Interest Policy (PDF)
  27. County-Owned Personal Property Disposal Policy (PDF)
  28. Department Head Absence From Office Notification Policy (PDF)
  29. Driving Policy (PDF)
  30. Emergency Notification and Disposition of Employees (PDF)
  31. Equipment Self-Funded Repair Policy (PDF)
  32. Excessive Force Policy (PDF)
  33. False Claims Act Compliance and Reporting Policy (PDF)
  34. Health Insurance for Agencies Supported by BHC Property Taxes (PDF)
  35. Injury Report Policy for Non-Employees (PDF)
  36. Insurance Requirements and Certificate of Insurance Policy (PDF)
  37. Lobbying Policy (PDF)
  38. Real Estate Conveyance to Private Parties for Public Purposes Policy (PDF)
  39. Roadside Ditch Policy Concerning the Removal and Disposal of Soil (PDF)
  40. Safety Program Policy (PDF)
  41. Security Information Policy (PDF)
  42. Solid Waste Funds Allocation Board (PDF)
  43. Travel Authorization and reimbursement Policy (PDF)
  44. Vacating, Selling and Conveying Right-Of-Way (PDF)
  45. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Policy (PDF)
  46. Wireless Communication Policy (PDF)