Victim Witness Services

Victim/Witness Coordinator
A prosecutor’s office functions with a number of supports which include clerical staff, aides and paralegals. Even at their best, prosecutors cannot do the most effective job if one key support is missing and that is the Victim/Witness Coordinator, whose job it is to tend to the needs of victims and witnesses.

The Victim/Witness Coordinator and staff assist the victim in obtaining restitution or compensation for damages inflicted upon them or their property, assist in applying for crime victim compensation funds, informs victims of their rights, assists in referrals for counseling, explains their role in proceedings, assists in preparation for trial and involves witnesses when possible in decisions which affect the case.

The Victim Witness Coordinator performs a number of functions which include the following:
  • Answers to questions about the criminal justice system
  • Assist in completing the Crime Victim Compensation Application form
  • Courtroom assistance
  • Information on the rights of victims of crime
  • Information regarding the Crime Victim Compensation Program
  • Notification of potential trial and hearing dates
  • Obtaining restitution information to be forwarded to the Court
  • Obtaining Victim Impact Statements
  • Referrals to counseling and outside agencies