Online Survey Records

The Black Hawk County Engineer's Office provides a listing of Surveying and Engineering related research documents available online through Autodesk 360 (A360).

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User’s must first sign up for a free Autodesk 360 Account. Please email the Engineer's Office with your Autodesk 360 account information for access to the online records. Please allow 2 working days from your request to be processed. 

Available Documents

  • Black Hawk County Land Corner Certificates, Engineer Department copies.
  • Black Hawk County Engineer Land Corner Field Books, pre 1996 department Land Corner ties.
  • Black Hawk County WPA Surveys, Works Progress Administration surveys of late 1930s and early 1940s.
  • Black Hawk County Engineer GPS Network data, including Station Ties and Photos.
  • Black Hawk County County Surveyor records from 1855 - 1931
  • Black Hawk County Iowa Department of Transportation Corner Stone Surveys, as available.
  • Black Hawk County Road Establishment book and original Right-of-Way dedication, Engineer Department Book only.

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Please contact our office at 319-833-3008, or contact the Engineer's Office for further information or with any questions.