Guide to Repairing your Sealcoat

At some point in the past you may have paid to have a sealcoat applied as a means of dust control in front of your property. Repairing the sealcoat is a condition of your dust control permit.

Repair Guide
Potholes occur in your sealcoat when moisture penetrates cracks in the sealcoat. Cold weather freezes the water and causes it to expand. The sealcoat then has little support directly underneath this area and it cracks and then rock, gravel and dirt are forced out of the area due to traffic, forming a hole. This hole needs to be patched so that further deterioration does not continue. Here are some tips to patch your potholes:
Pot holes in a road
  1. Please check traffic and determine that it is safe to be out on your roadway. You know the traffic patterns of your road and know when the least busy time of day is, that is generally a good time to make these repairs.
  2. Remove loose debris such as rock and gravel from the hole. Remove any water and sweep out the hole if you are able to. The cleaner the hole is, the better the bond to the patch material, ie, the longer the patch will stay in place.
  3. Place patch material in the hole. This patch material is commonly sold at hardware or home improvement stores as “cold patch”. If you are unable to do this patching yourself there are contractors in the area who can provide this service.
  4. Compact the patch material. Ideally, you want to compact the material in about 2 inch layers. Place 2 inches of material into the hole and compact, then place another 2 inches, compact, and continue to the surface. At the top it is desirable to leave the compacted surface slightly higher than the existing seal coat, this will allow for more compaction from traffic in the near future. Compaction can be done with hand tools, or a vehicle driving over the patch. Typically, the better the compaction, the longer the patch will stay in place.
Alternative Options
Other suggestions are before heading to the store to purchase your cold patch materials, measure the area and the depth of your hole(s). Check the label for coverage amount. Follow the cold patch manufacturer’s instructions for exact installation instructions.

Contact Us
Thank you for taking care of your seal coated road. This will preserve your dust control investment, provide a smoother surface for the traveling public and make our motor grader operator’s job easier.

Please contact the Black Hawk County Engineer’s Office at 319-833-3008 if you have any questions relating to this matter.