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In Service to the Earth and Your Community

At Hartman Reserve Nature Center, volunteers are key to the fulfillment of our mission.  Our mission statement is: 
“Hartman Reserve Nature Center is dedicated to the understanding of our environment through educatin, recreation, and community involvement, and to the stewardship of of a unique natural area.”

Our volunteers perform such roles as educational naturalists, land restorers, trail workers, artists, story tellers, and behind-the-scenes administrators. 

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Where can you volunteer?
Special Events
Maple Syrup Festival (March)
Bus Tours (March)
Earth Fair (April)
Halloween Hikes (October)
Under the Harvest Moon (November)
Natural Resource Management
Controlled Burning
Invasive Species Management
Trail Maintenance
Construct Tree Cages/Stakes

Wildlife Diversity Projects
Indoor Opportunities

Gift Shop Attendant
Brochure and Mailing Folding

General Maintenance

Learn how to give to your community by being a part of our mission:
Check out our Current Volunteer Opportunities.
Fill out the volunteer form and email it to get on our volunteer database. You will be contacted when we have events and volunteers are needed. 
Contact us directly at (319) 277-2187 or email to join our volunteer list.

Ways to Volunteer

Special Events: These opportunities include annual events and fundraisers that occur throughout the year.

• Maple Syrup Festival- First Saturday and Sunday in March

  1. Parking lot attendants: Help direct traffic in the parking lot and direct people to additional parking areas
  2. Ticket sales: Sell tickets and make change as people arrive
  3. Ticket takers: Accept and deposit tickets from people as they arrive
  4. Kitchen help: Bus tables, fill syrup containers, wash lots and lots of dishes, etc.
  5. Food help: Serve sausage, milk, and coffee as patrons come through the line.
  6. Gift Shop attendant: Sell items, and make change
  7. Sugar Shack help: Help answer general questions from the public, hand out sap collection buckets, help staff with evaporator

• Bus Tours- Third or fourth week of March, 3-4 days in length

  1. Gift shop attendant: Sell items and make change
  2. Kitchen help: wash dishes, make coffee, buss tables, etc.
  3. Guide: Help staff direct groups of people from one activity to the next

• Earth Fair- Fourth Sunday in April

  1. Gift shop attendant: Sell items and make change
  2. Assist Staff with tree/prairie planting activities
  3. Help with fishing activity: baiting hooks, monitor for safety
  4. Assist Staff with canoeing/kayaking activities
  5. Lead potential wildflower and birding hikes
  6. Help lead craft activity

    (Activities for this event will vary)

• Halloween Hikes- Held in October

  1. Actors: Volunteers will begin to meet at least 3 weeks before the Hikes to talk about the theme, script, and costuming expectations
  2. Costume Designer: Use your creative skills to design costumes for the cast
  3. Ticket Takers: Sit at the trail head to sell and take tickets for the various hikes
  4. Luminary Lighters: Walk the trail route and make sure luminaries stay lit
  5. Light construction builders: Help build back drops and props with simple power and hand tools

• Under the Harvest Moon- Held the first part of November

  1. Greeter: Welcome guests and assist with check-in
  2. Set up team: Help set up tables and chairs, hang lights, set place settings, and decorate the Rotary Reserve
  3. Kitchen help: Prep food, fill water carafes, wash dishes, etc.
  4. Serving staff: Serve dinner and dessert to guests
  5. Auction attendants: Monitor auction tables, assist guests as they bid, showcase live auction items, help spot bids during the live auction, run auction items to the check out table, etc.

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Natural Resource Management: Some of these tasks require some training.

Controlled burns- Hartman Reserve manages the prairie and forest areas through controlled burning. Burns are scheduled in the spring and in the fall. Burn crew volunteers will need a certain amount of training from the Staff. Duties will include carrying a water pack, rake, or other tools for fire control.

Invasive species removal- Removal of invasive/exotic plants and shrubs is important for keeping the ecosystems in balance. Equipment such as handsaws, tree trimmers and weed trimmers will be used. A chemical applicators license would be helpful, but is definitely not required. Some training will be needed for this opportunity.

Trail maintenance- Keeping our trails clear is important for the enjoyment of recreationists.  We constantly need help clearing downed trees, branches and obstructions from trails, as well as, checking erosion barriers and mulching trails.

Construction of tree cages and stakes- Hartman Reserve is always planting new trees. We need volunteers to help us construct cages and stakes to prevent deer from pruning off the young, sweet trees before they have a chance to grow and become established.

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Wildlife Diversity Projects:

• These opportunities allow for people in the community to interact up-close and personal with wildlife and build awareness of our natural surroundings. As a result, they require some special training. Trainings will be offered to the public approximately one month before the project. Opportunities will vary according to the needs of the specific project.

• Cleaning and inventory of woodduck and bluebird houses is important for keeping the pairs coming back to our area to nest. Volunteers are needed to place and remove some of these nests seasonally, as well as monitor and clean them.

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Indoor Opportunities:

Gift shop attendant- The Acorn Gift Shop is open every Sunday afternoon from 1-5pm. Volunteers would sell items, make change, answer general questions, etc. Volunteers will be trained during one of these afternoons.

Seasonal brochure or bulk mailing folding-  Hartman Reserve sends out 4 newsletters annually, has a membership mailing, as well as several other special bulk mailings that go to the public throughout the year. Folding these documents takes time and many helping hands.

General Maintenance: Some care needs to be given to some of our indoor and outdoor structures. Painting railings, water sealing benches, and repair and maintenance of the Deer Exclosure are some of the things that come up.

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Please click here to complete a volunteer application.

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Milo, John, & Stan helping burn
Thanks Milo, John & Stan

Cedar Heights 6th Grade volunteers
Thank you Cedar Heights Elementary 6th Graders for your help over the years!
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