FY19 Open Enrollment


FY19 COVERAGE DATES ARE 7/1/18 – 6/30/19
All open enrollment materials will be available on the Human Resources webpage and in the Human Resources office. There will be a link to on-line materials thru eSuite and Informational flyers will be distributed to departments for posting. If you have questions or concerns please contact Human Resources at 319-833-3009.

 As in previous years, if you want to participate in FLEXIBLE SPENDING you will need to complete a new enrollment form annually. Last year we went to a new provider (EBC-Employee Benefits Corporation) for this benefit. If you didn’t enroll last year but are enrolling this year you will also want to create an account to submit claims on line or through their mobile app. Information to assist you with this will be available on-line.

 The Open Enrollment Change Form will be used this year for health/dental/vision changes. Please use it for making changes in coverage such as adding or removing a dependent, switching from the 500 plan to the 750 plan (or vice versa), switching from the dental basic to dental buy-up, etc. 

 Please use the Full Enrollment/Declination Form to stop health insurance completely, or to begin coverage if you are not currently enrolled.

 Remember, this is your annual opportunity to make changes to your previous year’s choices without a qualifying event. 

Click here to see the FY19 Open Enrollment Flyer.