Absentee Ballot Information

Ballots for primary and general elections will be available at least 40 days before the election. If the Auditor receives your request more than 40 days before the election they will file the request in their office and mail you a ballot when the ballots are available.

The auditor will mail you a ballot within 24 hours of receiving your request form or within 24 hours of when the ballots are available. Additional instructions for persons soliciting absentee ballot request forms on behalf of a political party, candidate or committee as defined by IA Code Chapter 68A.

Submit a Ballot
When you solicit and return to the auditor an absentee ballot request you must issue the applicant a receipt for the completed request form. You are encouraged to use the Receipt included on the bottom of Absentee Ballot Request document but it is not required. The suggested receipt includes all of the information required by Iowa law.

Rules & Guidelines
  • The auditor must receive the absentee ballot request form that includes the applicant’s original signature.
  • Absentee ballot request forms cannot include instructions to send the ballot to anyone other than the voter.
  • Absentee ballot request forms cannot be preaddressed to be sent to anyone other than the voter’s local county auditor.
  • The Official Absentee Ballot Request form may be reproduced. It may be enlarged or reduced, however it cannot be reduced to a size smaller than 4 inches by 6 inches.
If you have questions regarding the information provided on this document, please call the Iowa Secretary of State’s office at 888-SOS-Vote (1-888-767-8683) or your County Auditor.