Human Resources

Mission Statement
The overall mission of the Black Hawk County Human Resources Department is to provide quality human resources and support to the Board of Supervisors and County Departments that result in effective and efficient government services for the citizens of Black Hawk County.
  1. Union Contracts

    Access a listing of union contracts for different departments in Black Hawk County.

  2. Non-Bargaining

    View some of the aspects that are non-bargaining or non-negotiable about the employment at Black Hawk County.

  3. Job Openings

    Find current job openings, job applications and more regarding jobs in Human Resources.

  4. Handbook

  5. General Forms

    Access a list of forms that are applicable to Black Hawk County Employees from Dental Plan Summaries, to Insurance Enrollment, to Flexible spending and more.

  6. Privacy Notice (PDF)

    Become familiar with Human Resource's Privacy Notice so you know that your information is safe.