Licenses, Permits & Regulations

  1. Food Inspections

    Learn about the food inspection process, the requirements for food services establishments, food service licenses and more.

  2. School Immunization Audit

    Search for immunization recommendations by age.

  3. Well Water Regulations

    Take a look at what the Environmental Health Program is going to enforce the standards of well water in the area.

  4. Waste Water/Time of Transfer

    Learn about the requirements for installing a septic system in Black Hawk County as well as the rules for the state-wide Time of Transfer program.

  5. Tanning Inspections

    Learn about tanning facility inspections, rules and regulations, licensing and testing.

  6. Tattoo Inspections

    Learn the requirements of operating a tattoo parlor and how to apply for a license

  7. Swimming Pool & Spa Inspections

    Learn the regulations for providing swimming pool and spa services to the public

  8. Hotel and Motel Inspections

    Learn the regulations for providing lodging in Iowa and how to apply for a hotel license.