Food Safety Certification

The majority of food borne illnesses in the United States are attributed to public eating establishments, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Food safety training is a vital component for any establishment providing food to the public. As regulators, we have seen firsthand the benefits of food safety training." 
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As of January 1, 2014, all Food establishments in Iowa (Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Schools, Convenience Stores, Mobile Food Units) are required to have at least 1 person on staff who is certified in food safety.

Black Hawk County Health Department uses the National Environmental Health Association’s training materials and can offer 2 of the 3 nationally recognized food safety certification exams. View the Food Safety Class Brochure (PDF) for details or to sign up for a class.


All classes include 8 hours class room training with exam to follow.  Maximum of 2 hours is allowed for the exam.  Lunch on your own, a light morning snack is provided.  You are encouraged to review your materials prior to class.  Book and test are available in several languages with notice.  Class is taught in English. 
Upcoming 2017 Class dates: 
  • November 13th & 14th
  • Classes in Cedar Falls, Iowa starting at 8am each day
  • future class dates TBD
  • *NEW* Exams are also available in: Spanish, traditional Chinese, Vietnamese & Korean with proper notice.

Schedule a Class

More classes to be added throughout the year. If your business would like to schedule a class for multiple attendees, please contact Sandy at 319-415-8921 for further information. The registration deadline is 14 business days prior to the class.

Class in other languages

  • Class & test in person in Spanish in Des Moines by Iowa Restaurant Association. Call 515-276-1454 for details.
  • La clase y el examen en persona en español es en Des Moines por Iowa Restaurant Association. Llame al 

    515-276-1454 para más detalles.

  • Class & test in person in Mandarin Chinese (there are currently no dates scheduled) Linn County Public Health
  • 中文(普通)课程和考试:(目前沒有日期安排)  林縣公共衛生

Why Take the Course?

  • Be confident your food safety managers and food handlers consistently prepare and serve food in a safe and sanitary manner
  • Improve the public image and reputation of your establishment
  • Reduce the risk of lawsuits and high insurance premiums at your establishment
  • To decrease the risk of a food borne illness occurring at your establishment
  • To protect the health of your customers and employees

Reprint an Active Food Safety Certificate (Fee May Apply)