The Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors allocates a certain amount of funds from its annual budget toward services for individuals with a chemical dependency. General Assistance is responsible for administering these funds for Black Hawk County.

Approved By:
Approved by Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors and Chairman John Miller.
  1. Eligibility
  2. Services
  3. Appeals
  4. Claims
  5. Miscellaneous
Diagnostic Eligibility
  • Eligible persons must be diagnosed as Chronic Substance Abusers. Chronic Substance Abusers are defined as persons who consistently lack self-control as to the use of chemical substances to the scope that the person is likely to seriously endanger their own health or to physically injure themselves or others, if they do not receive intervention and/or treatment.
  • For involuntary commitments, the court system will make the ultimate determination as to whether the individual meets the above criteria based upon evidence presented by applicants for commitment.
No other diagnosis will be allowed for funding.

Financial Eligibility
  • Gross income will not exceed 150% of current Federal Poverty Guidelines. This will include earned and unearned income for the entire household. Because these guidelines are subject to change annually, please contact a member of the General Assistance Staff for specific information.
  • Resources will not exceed $2,000 for single persons or $3,000 for married couples or households over 1 person. Persons are allowed 1 vehicle and 1 homestead. The value and equity beyond these allowable resources will be assessed and considered during eligibility determinations. Any attempt to control income and/or resource levels or false statements may result in denial of funding. Any resources transferred within the previous 36 months of application may be considered.
Black Hawk County reserves the right to request reimbursement from the individual or those responsible if the mentioned income and resource guidelines are exceeded.

  1. Black Hawk County will only fund commitment related expenses for eligible applicants who reside in Black Hawk County.
  2. Any individuals requesting funding that have private insurance coverage, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.; must access facilities accepting those private insurances or Department of Public Health funds. Black Hawk County will not subsidize 3rd party payers.
  3. All individuals applying for funding must apply for, actively pursue, and accept any and all other financial/medical assistance programs and maintain eligibility of said programs prior to approval of county funding to assure the county is the payer of last resort. Failure to do so may result in denial of funding.
  4. Veterans should access inpatient substance abuse services through the Veteran’s Administration Medical System; Knoxville, Iowa City or Des Moines.
  5. Department of Corrections or Criminal Court ordered services of any kind, that are required as a condition of parole or probation, or services required to avoid prosecution; General Assistance shall not fund.
  6. Non-United States citizens or illegal aliens are not eligible.
  7. The General Assistance Director and/or Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors reserve the option of granting an exception to policy in any situation as deemed appropriate.