Income Guidelines

All income within the household will be considered unless individuals in the household, applying separately, can verify a rental agreement or separate living conditions from the household. A household includes cohabitation, living together, and friends sharing expenses. Income shall be construed to mean: wages, FIP Grant, Worker’s Compensation, unemployment benefits, insurance payments, pensions, Social Security, sick pay, income tax refunds, and/or any other types of monies received.

We also consider assets which are: CDIs, IRAs, savings accounts, mutual funds, cash value on insurance policies, home equity, and property.

Applicants found to have income less than the established guidelines, shall generally be considered for temporary emergency assistance with adequate documentation of crisis. If the money was stolen or lost a police report must have been filed in a timely manner prior to the application for County assistance being filed.

The Income Scale is to be used as a benchmark only and is not binding upon the Black Hawk County General Assistance Office. With regard to applicants whose income is within or exceeds the scale, further consideration will be given to their individual circumstances.

Income limitations shall not exceed the Black Hawk County General Assistance Office Income Scale as follows:

Family Size Gross Monthly Income / Net Monthly Income
  1. Gross - $998; Net - $699
  2. Gross - $1,337; Net - $936
  3. Gross - $1,677; Net - $1,174
  4. Gross - $2,016; Net - $1,412
  5. Gross - $2,355; Net - $1,649
  6. Gross - $2,695; Net - $1,887
  7. Gross - $3,035; Net - $2,125
  8. Gross - $3,374; Net - $2,362
*Each additional person adds $340.

Energy (Gas, LP, Water, Electric)
Energy allowance will be $50 per person in the household. The County funding will assist with a minimum fill for households that use L.P. gas or fuel oil if applicant is found eligible. The county funding will also assist with payment of 50% of water bills as deemed necessary. County funding will not pay reconnect charges, late fees, or deposits.

In case of rent/mortgage payment, payment will be authorized as follows:

Family Size Rent Allowance

  1. $175
  2. $200
  3. $225
  4. $250
  5. $275
*Each additional person adds $25 for rent allowance.

Medical Assistance
The County will assist with the cost of local emergency room medical on a limited basis with a maximum pay out per fiscal year of $1,000 per patient.