Energy Assistance (gas, LP, water, electric) is available for applicants in a disconnect situation. In considering payment of a utility bill, the applicant must have made a minimum of 3 payments or a reasonable effort during the moratorium towards the utility bill. A reasonable effort is defined as 1/3 of the disconnect notice or payments equal to one month average usage during the moratorium. If the applicant has not made any effort to make payments during the moratorium, the application will be denied utility assistance.

View the Income Guidelines page for award allotments.

Black Hawk County General Assistance will assist applicants who are renting and have an eviction notice or have a late notice for a mortgage payment. If applicant is moving into a new place, they must have eviction notice from old place and all deposits paid at new place before consideration of assistance is given.

Shelter assistance shall be pro-rated for a client who moves into a new dwelling after the 1st of the month. Shelter assistance will be paid only to the deed holder of the property who has provided his/her tax ID number or Social Security number to the County. The Landlord must agree to allow the applicant to remain in the property for the period covering the County assistance. Assistance will not be paid to a deed holder who is a relative of any person living in the household where the assistance is being applied for.

View the Income Guidelines page for award allotments.


A person, who has gross wages below $600 a month for the most current month, or average wages of below $600 for the past 3 months, may be eligible for assistance once in a fiscal year that will provide 1 month’s rent to get an apartment. Individuals who are receiving Social Security payments will not be eligible.

Medical Assistance
In emergency situations, the County does recognize the need for applicants to be treated at local hospital emergency rooms.

View the Income Guidelines page for award allotments.

Black Hawk County will assist applicants with the cost of their medications on a limited basis. Applicant must bring prescription into the office to determine if he/she is eligible for assistance. Applicant must be prepared to prove he/she cannot afford to purchase his/her medications by presenting proof of income and expenses for the last thirty days. Black Hawk County will not assist any applicant who is covered by any health insurance coverage.

Black Hawk County will assist with medication in a generic form unless no generic form exists or it is otherwise specified by the prescribing physician. The County does not assist with any form of Nicotine, Contraception, Diet Medication, any form of Alcohol Sensitivity, or diabetic medication and/or supplies. The County will not assist with any on-going pain medications.

Black Hawk County will assist with the cost of an emergency extraction when determined to be a medical necessity. Applicant must be determined eligible for County assistance first, then County will set up appointment for applicant with the dentist of the County's choice. If services have already been performed, County will not assist with the cost.

Nursing Home Care/Residential
Any applicant and/or spouse in a Nursing Care Center will not be allowed assistance through the Black Hawk County General Assistance Office for their per diem cost at the Nursing Care Center.

Clients Eligible for Medicaid (T-19)
Any applicant who is eligible for and has received current Medicaid card will not be eligible for assistance with medications not covered by Title XIX, nor with co-charges required through the Title XIX Program.

The Black Hawk County General Assistance Office relies on the usage of the Food Stamp Program and the Cedar Valley Food Bank. A food order may be allowed in an emergency situation. However, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, soda pop, candy, nor pet food will be paid for. Non-food items that may be included are laundry soap, household cleaners, and other items used for personal hygiene.

Referrals for clothing will be made to local agencies and organizations to meet the basic need for clothing for Black Hawk County Residents. However, should need be determined, clothing can be purchased by the County.