How to Apply
Call the office at 319-292-2261 to schedule an appointment. When you come for your appointment, bring the Application Form (PDF) along with financial information such as documentation of income, Social Security card, bills that have been paid and any outside income beyond a job.

The Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors may assign any or all functions of the Policy to a non-profit agency that does not conflict with any obligation placed on the County by Federal or State statute.

Emergency Situation
An emergency situation to our office is 1 in which a person’s utilities have been or are going to be disconnected, a person is being evicted from their home, medication or food is needed, or an application for a county burial is needed.

The Black Hawk County General Assistance Program is designed to provide short-term emergency type assistance to persons lacking the resources to meet their basic needs for food, energy, clothing, shelter, and medical care. It is not intended to provide on-going, long-term aid to any individual and/or family.

Appeal Process
Any applicant who is denied assistance shall be informed of that decision in person, by telephone, and/or by mail. He/she may appeal that decision in writing to the Director of the Black Hawk County General Assistance Office within 5 working days. The Director shall conduct a 1st level appeal within 10 working days of the appeal request. The Director will issue a decision within 5 working days of the appeal interview.

Applicants not satisfied with the Director’s decision may proceed to appeal process outlined in County Ordinance, Chapter 4 General Relief Program, and Section 1-4-10 Appeal. Assistance in filing the appeal shall be provided to any applicant who has difficulty because of inability to read, write, or understand the appeal process.