Burial Policy

Legal Reference
This policy is enacted to implement the intent of Iowa Code, Chapter 252, Support of Poor and Black Hawk County Ordinance Chapter 4 General Relief Program.

Black Hawk County General Assistance will provide funeral assistance to people with legal settlement in Black Hawk County who are indigent thru the Black Hawk County General Assistance Office.

Black Hawk County General Assistance will pay the following for services to be rendered:
  • Cremation (All Ages): $1,000
  • Funeral Services (All Ages): $1,000
  • Transportation of deceased to be returned to Black Hawk County within the State of Iowa if they are a Black Hawk County resident: $100
Applicants will be determined indigent and eligible for assistance if their representative affirms that they meet the conditions outlined in the Black Hawk County Burial Affidavit (PDF).


Death Benefits or monies from private sources including savings, life insurance, sale of property, bonds, general income, etc., shall be deducted from the assistance allowance provided by the General Assistance Agency unless said reimbursement falls under the Exception rule as stated below. The County will be responsible for collecting all reimbursements.

Note: Includes any reimbursements realized from Veterans Administration.

Exception to Policy
When special and/or unusual circumstances shall occur, the Director shall obtain approval of the Board of Supervisors, by majority, for approval of extra funds needed.

Appeal Process

Any applicant who is denied assistance shall be informed of that decision in person, by telephone, and/or by mail. He/she may appeal that decision in writing to the Director of the Black Hawk County General Assistance Office within 5 working days. The Director shall conduct a 1st level appeal within 10 working days of the appeal request. The Director will issue a decision within 5 working days of the appeal interview.

Applicants not satisfied with the Director’s decision may proceed to appeal process outlined in County Ordinance, Chapter 4 General Relief Program, and Section 1-4-10 Appeal. Assistance in filing the appeal shall be provided to any applicant who has difficulty because of inability to read, write, or understand the appeal process.