Dust Control

Processes & Permitting
The following are the processes and procedures for dust suppressant application that the applicator, the County and the resident must follow:
  1. The Applicator
  2. The County
  3. The Resident
The Applicator
  1. Provide the County with a list of locations where dust control has been requested for the season. The list shall provide the resident’s name, address, agent to be used, and length of application. The county should receive this list no later than April 15th.
  2. Provide the County with current Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the material to be applied.
  3. Provide the County with a conforming Certificate of Insurance.
  4. Provide proper traffic control and signing during and after the application. If you are uncertain about what is necessary, please call 319-833-3008. Application is not allowed on Sundays, Holidays, or between sunset and sunrise.