Our Mission

The mission of the County Engineer and Secondary Roads Department is to develop, construct, manage and maintain a safe and modern network of county roads and bridges, by being efficient, financially responsible and environmental stewards to the residents and visitors of Black Hawk County.

The Engineering Department Responsibilities:

  • Surveys, designs, inspects and administers roadway and bridge construction projects within the Secondary Roads & Farm to Market systems
  • Maintains a number of resources; including section corner ties, flood maps, flood studies, field books and aerial photography
  • Inspects the Counties bridges on a regular basis to assess their condition and safety
  • Issues various permits, including, driveway, utility and moving permits
  • Acquires right-of-way
  • Develops a 5-year plan

The Maintenance Department Responsibilities:

  • Road grading
  • Replacing rock
  • Snow removal
  • Seal coating
  • Traffic signing
  • Roadside vegetation management
  • Ditch cleaning
  • Bridge and culvert construction and repairs