Our Mission

The mission of the County Engineer and Secondary Roads Department is to develop, construct, manage and maintain a safe and modern network of county roads and bridges, by being efficient, financially responsible and environmental stewards to the residents and visitors of Black Hawk County.
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The Engineering Department Responsibilities:

  • Surveys, designs, inspects and administers roadway and bridge construction projects within the Secondary Roads & Farm to Market systems
  • Maintains a number of resources; including section corner ties, flood maps, flood studies, field books and aerial photography
  • Inspects the Counties bridges on a regular basis to assess their condition and safety
  • Issues various permits, including, driveway, utility and moving permits
  • Acquires right-of-way
  • Develops a 5-year plan

The Maintenance Department Responsibilities:

  • Road grading
  • Replacing rock
  • Snow removal
  • Seal coating
  • Traffic signing
  • Roadside vegetation management
  • Ditch cleaning
  • Bridge and culvert construction and repairs
  1. Several Roads Opening

    Several roads are now open after flood water has receded: Elk Run Road between Cedar Wapsi Road and Gresham Road Gresham Road between Bigs Woods and Leverse Road Hoff Road between Shallis Road and Orange Road Read on...
  2. Marquis Rd Closed between Elk Run Rd & Crane Creek Rd

    Marquis Rd Closed between Elk Run Rd & Crane Creek Rd due to flooding.
  3. Ford & Maxfield Rds between Waverly & Cedar Wapsi Rds closed due to flooding.

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